Expert Level 5


Every time I read the news on Google Discover on my phone, I see various articles that, for one reason or another, proclaim that the reader should “ditch Google Chrome in favor of Microsoft Edge”. These articles often cite many new and upcoming Edge features, and even the fact that Edge is now built with Chromium – the same browser source code as Google Chrome. In preparation for my thoughts today, I articles like “x or y feature in Edge might finally be a reason to ditch Google Chrome”, and “Is it time to ditch Chrome? Millions are switching to Edge and it’s not hard to see why”, and so on.

I hate to admit that each and every time I scroll past one of these, I can’t help but roll my eyes a bit. There are so many people who are attempting to urge the masses away from Google and toward Microsoft, but there are a few things we ought to remember along the way. With that said, these types of articles are getting old and frustrating now, but they do provide us with some key takeaways about Google, Microsoft, and the future of the browser, and a user’s privacy.