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Samsung keyboard; I want to use it, but I don't want to.

(Topic created on: 06-13-2024 01:02 AM)
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I was so excited when I see Samsung launched the AI assist keyboard on the new firmware update.

I jumped into it right after the new firmware update was completed. Start using, exploring the feature on the Samsung keyboard. 

Here are some feedback to Samsung: 

1) I hope that Samsung will design a 12-grid number pad for the keyboard, like the Gboard has. That would be very helpful.

2) There is a bug while using the AI feature. The AI-improved texts are not displayed or are displayed in white color, making them impossible to see. Please refer to the image below.


3) The swipe text logic needs a rework. It often gives the wrong word.

I was using Swype keyboard since the very beginning of when I started to use a smartphone, and there's no doubt it's because of the keyboard's swipe function.
Until Swype stops updating the software, I switched to Gboard. The reason being that I think Gboard is much more accurate when it comes to the prediction of text I swipe compared to Samsung keyboard.
On top of the cream, Gboard can even get the text right when I am actually swiping it wrong (minor).

Now, I'm switching back to Gboard because of the reasons above. I really hope that Samsung keyboard will improve to be my first choice keyboard. 

Thank you.