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Transparent Back Cover S22Ultra

(Topic created on: 01-15-2023 07:07 PM)
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whats your thought, sacrificing water resistance
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You know, now that I think about it, I've owned a number of waterproof smartphones and not once did I dare myself to test it lol. Kahit pa ata sabihing IP1010 Galactic-grade waterproof, di ko susubukan hahaha. So I guess, I'm open to modifying the device at cost of compromised water proofing.

But on my Gopro? Go ahead kahit malublob hahaha.
Yung Note20U5G hinugasan ko minsan. Nalublob kasi sa mayonnaise haha

Hello butete,

Thanks for sharing your transparent back cover for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra video, here.

Your device has been tested and certified as IP68 dust/water resistant (up to 1.5m for 30 minutes ) achieved in controlled environment for water and dust testing.


The Galaxy S22 Series supports IP68 water and dust resistance.

Generally, when using water and dust resistance device, keep the following precautions carefully in mind to maintain the water and dust resistance of your device. Failure to do so may result in damage to your device.

1) Do not immerse the device in fresh water deeper than 1.5 m or keep it submerged for more than 30 minutes.

If the device is immersed in any liquid other than fresh water, such as salt water, ionized water, or an alcoholic beverage, liquid will enter the device faster.

2) Do not expose the device to water moving with force.

3) If the device is exposed to fresh water, dry it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth.
If the device comes into contact with other liquids, such as salt water, swimming pool water, soapy water, oil, perfume, sunscreen, hand cleaner, or chemical products like cosmetics, rinse it thoroughly with fresh water and dry it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth. If you do not follow these instructions, the performance and appearance of the device may suffer.

4) If the device has been immersed in water or the microphone or speaker is wet, sound may not be heard clearly during a call. Dry the device thoroughly after wiping it with a dry cloth.

5) The touchscreen and other features may not work properly if the device is used in water.

6) If the device is dropped or receives an impact, the water and dust resistant features of the device may be damaged.