Samsung Dex
I am not too sure if more than 0.1% of people with a Samsung Galaxy know what Dex is. However, I use it, like a couple of others on here also seem to as well.

My problem/concern is the lack of development with the platfoem over the last couple of years. I was wondering is there still a development team for this product? What is the best way to contact them / provide feedback & ask for requests via official channels?

The main 2 things I would like to provide feedback upon are this. 

1. Many other ChromeOS (Chromebook) or laptops are capable of Dual EXTERNAL Monitor display output via the single USB-C. Not simply duplicating the display, but having true extended desktop over 2 external displays over HDMI.

2. Why is Dex limited to QHD resolution? (2560 x 1440). What is equally perplexing, Samsung has a product called the Smart Monitor M7, which is a 32" 4k monitor with one of its main selling points as having "Wireless Dex"

In my day job, I am a Cloud Operations Engineer for a large multinational Fortune 500 company, part of what I do is try and incorporate existing cloud technologies and try to make them work well in a corporate enterprise environment. One of my areas of focus is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) which is something that is very suitable on something like Dex. It would allow a company such as mine, to replace an existing laptop fleet (mostly sold by competitors) and replace them with Samsung Smartphones/Tablets to be used with VDI Windows based cloud desktops such as Amazon AWS Workspaces / Citrix XenDesktop. However the massive show stopper is, productivity / enterprise users use multiple external monitors with their laptops, however this feature is not available on Samsung Dex.

What is the limitation? Surely it is in Samsung's business interests to fully feature Dex, as it will enable you to have a key selling point when trying to convince enterprises to switch from other competitors to Samsung Galaxy. Is there a limitation on the hardware? Is it Android?

I wish I felt like Dex was more than just a seemingly abandoned project, it has so much potential.

Especially with the S22 / S8 being released, surely they have the performance to support it.
Samsung Dex
100% agree with you on this! I use DEX very frequently for my field of work.

But the lack of development is very annoying. Even Apple is heavily focusing on this with their iPad OS right now - which means Samsung still have advantages since their phones can access DEX (which I think they should monopolise).

Been hoping for Samsung to bring out a LapDock for awhile to be my main business laptop, but I don't know if that will ever happen 😅

Only brand that manage to do it is UPerfect and they product wasn't the greatest experienceSamsung Dex Laptop (5 of 11)_5087_1637655072.jpgSamsung Dex Laptop (4 of 11)_5086_1637655068.jpgSamsung Dex Laptop (6 of 11)_5088_1637655069.jpgSamsung Dex Laptop (3 of 11)_5085_1637655074.jpg
Samsung Dex

Hi @mattwellerphoto and @vueeyle, thank you for reaching out with your detailed feedback. I've passed on your interest internally to the relevant department. :)