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Drop Detection

(Topic created on: 02-12-2023 07:23 AM)
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(Disclaimer: This is not same as the iOS feature, it's different)

If you really that one person who brings expensive phone or just a phone that you bring it anywhere when you go for example: Mall,Schools,etc 

And when someone hitted your phone/while someone runned and accidentally hitted your phone then you dropped it. 


Drop Detection  

It would be a massive pain when someone runs over you as a accident or hitted your phone and you dropped it.

You could possibility say that one of your phone internals parts must been damaged...

What are the used of Drop Detection?

Drop Detection offers you a service that when you drop it by accidentally or something else it will automatically run the following orders:

- Automatic Diagnosis (including NFC/OTG, SIM card, SD Card, Touch screen (manually), Power restart status, Official Software, Mobile Network, Sensors, Buttons, Flashlight, Speaker, Vibration, Camera, Mic (microphone), Location accuracy, Wifi , Bluetooth, Fingerprint recognition, Face recognition,( Wired headphones,USB connection,Cable Charging - manually) if you missed some of them or haven't did it.. Samsung Members will send you an notification named:

Drop Detection Alert
Diagnosis not completed. 

Second Feature
- Send error reports about dropping
Third Feature
- Automatic Restart
Fourth Feature
- Safe Mode Enabled

More features will be added depending on your Drop Detection Menu settings

Where can you find this feature

Settings > Advanced Features > Drop Detection

What's inside the Drop Detection settings when you click it?

At the Drop Detection menu you can see all alerts/history of dropped/dropping it, and customize the features of drop detection when it falls.

When a motion is detected for example (falling Down - detected by (sensors if available) or camera..

It will automatically send a Drop Detection Alert message as a error report so if you go for a check on one of your services center when you dropped it and they connected it to their computer/ other devices a menu will automatically pop up all the drop error reports happened.

You can also customize the commands what you wanna add as the five,six,seven and more features up to 25.

For example you don't wanna make it auto restart you can disable the feature for automatic restart when it drops....

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Hello FloppaJJS,

That's a great suggestion of adding detection after an incidental drop of your well-loved Samsung Galaxy devices that will alert the user of potential internal hardware problems.

Thanks, and we appreciate the time and effort you put in to share your valuable comments. This helps us improve our products, apps, and services towards enhancing the Samsung Galaxy experience for all.