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How on earth is Consegnia Logistics Corp. still in partnership with Samsung?

(Topic created on: 02-20-2024 07:13 AM)
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Just imagine this. You're a business man and have a lot of things to do. You're out of the house almost all the time. You have business meeting to attend hours away. Then yung courier that handles the trade-in messages you that delivery is tomorrow. You alot time tomorrow morning and send messages in advance to deliver in the morning. Next day comes and wala. 

I have messaged and called the delivery man (for an hour straight), no sms replies. It just rings but there's no response. Consegnia's customer service number is "unreachable".

This is not an acceptable behavior when doing business. Napaka basic to answer the phone and to respond to SMS. Sobrang basic non. Tapos tatanungin mo Samsung Customer service ganun din isasagot, di nila mareach. Wala silang contact info. So paano ibabakante namen ONE WEEK to wait for this unprofessional VIP courier service? Ano yun isasara muna yung business ganun, all meetings stopped for a courier? Baka yung planet Earth gusto nilang tumigil muna yung ikot para sa courier nila?

For Consegnia, isara nyo na negosyo nyo. Napaka unprofessional. If I have to solve your problems I would have started my own logistics company nalang. 

I cancelled my pre-order. Waste of money. Waste of time. Pa-importante masyado yung courier 

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Maybe consegnia is owned or a subsidiary of samsung. Who knows?