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Us low end to mid range device users, it appears from my view Samsung officials does not provide us with sustainable features and customer support? I don't know is it just me but I've reported several problems about that some devices example S10, S20, Note 10 and my A02s does not have features and applications example (Extra Dim), Game Launcher, Game Plugins and (Charging Time Left) feature. It's missing from these devices and I'm not sure when will it be added? 

Please put in the comments features and applications that you should be getting but aren't on your device so I'll know. Thanks
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Me too
in life, we get what we pay for, my bro.
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I do get your point here and i agreed on what nazzz pointed out too. For every user like us, we do hope that Samsung will provide us everything that Samsung S series is using. 

If you ask me, of course is a good to have it all.

But the other hand we need to understand about the money we pay. Imagine that if I do have most of the features that S series is currently using, who is going to buy an S series? Just because of camera?This is why Samsung separated most of their devices by batch like Fold, S series, A series, M series, etc.

To be honest, if you are a Galaxy Fold user, do you feel fair enough if most of the features you are using and share it with other series? By paying a 3k device and get everything almost the same as an 8k device. Is a little bit strange, right?

Of course, I know it is good to have and share all features but then this will be not fair to some of those who pay for a high-end device.

If you look at the good side, Samsung consider kind to some A series user. Some midrange A series come with a lot of good features which shared with S series. Like Samsung Pay, 4 years updates, finger print scan, fast charging, etc.

By looking at last year A33, A53 and A73, these phones almost as great as S22 series. And of course, due to the cost of the device, impossible Samsung will give everything to these A series.

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Did Note 10 Plus stop having updates since Nov 2022?