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Quandary on using other firmware

(Topic created on: 12-28-2023 02:54 PM)
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I'm one of those impatent types and in a bit of a quandary.

I have seen that the OneUI has come out for my device however not for my country. 

I did put it on and thought meh before going back and undoing it. But I'm still thinking about maybe I should go and get the firmware and just re go back to OneUI and not wait for the official.

If anyone else does this and gets the firmware early, what do you find as benefits and things against doing this. 

Basically will be going from Telstra firmware for the samsung galaxy tab S8 ultra to the one for the UK. 

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Once again, speaking as an amateur. I am currently lucky as the update for S23 FE has come through. However, I have thought about this from time to time. My concerns are:
1. A comment somewhere that once UI 6 has been implemented you can't revert to UI 5. So by extrapolation if something in the UK 6 version changes something permanently that is not compatible then it might not be able to be changed.
2. An example might be internet connection band settings as Australia does not conform to UK settings (I think Wikipedia or Whirlpool might tell you more).
3. Possible compatability problems with software. Play Store in the UK has different software to Australia. You can see this if you VPN to a British server if you have something specific to check. Related to this Samsung Members forum is different, note whilst using the vpn if you open Samsung Members you access the UK forum, reverting when you close the vpn.
4. This might be particularly important for financial apps like Google Pay.
OK so here is what I have done.

I have downloaded both the Australian Telstra 5.1.1 firmware and the UK 6 firmware.

I have tried already going to 6 and then after, going back to 5. So far no issues

I have now since the day after I put this onoagain and now using OneUI 6 on a Galaxy Tab s8 Ultra as Samsung have decided that they don't want to send updates in a timely manor.

So far.

I am not seeing many differences based on the way I use it.
I am finding that with the new version of Dex on tablets, I am using it to have more apps on screen at once, especially as now it duplicates the tablet mode , including the widgets.the only downside is that there is not the button or the PC like interface I liked with the old dex.

I kind of want to have what I have now but still having a "start" button