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Screen repair

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My son has a Samsung s6 lite tablet it has a case but unfortunately it was under something and was stepped on breaking the screening in multiple places we have been told by 2 screen repair shops that it’s almost impossible to get the new screen to reseal or guarantee that the calibration will work. Has anyone had to have their screen replaced and had any issues after

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There are two questions to consider.
1. Will it work? The general answer is yes. Plenty of people have had it done. Very recently I had the screen on my S23 FE phone replaced and that has a higher requirement for waterproofing than an S6 Lite which I recently also purchased. However, you need to have confidence in the repairer, so using an authorised Samsung might be wise even if pricier. It is a fiddly and time-consuming job so some repairers might be trying to move towards a new tablet. Look at YouTube videos searching for S6 lite screen repairs
2. Is it worth it? Have a look at this article
You should consider getting quotes. The base model is currently around $550 other than grey market imported tablets which aren't supported by Samsung Australia for warranty purposes

Totally irrelevant to your enquiry. If your son is old enough to implement changes and you buy another Samsung S model tablet have him search in the settings for DEX to see if it is useful for him. You can Google and YouTube search for Samsung Dex, and make up your own mind on this. It is a free app provided as part of the software supplied.

If you're worried about quality of screen, id use the official Samsung technician to fix it. If there are issues, you know they'll handle it.