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Calculate and record your stress level by using changes in your heart rate and reduce your stress by following the breathing instructions that Galaxy Watch provides.

  • Repeated measurement will bring the more accurate result
  • Your personal emotions are not calculated when measuring your stress level
  • To measure your heart rate more accurately with the Galaxy Watch, wear the device firmly around your lower arm just above the wrist


To measure your stress level:

Step 1. Tap Samsung Health icon on the your watch's Apps screen

Step 2. Scroll to Stress and tap to open the stress tracker screen.

Step 3. Tap Measure to begin measuring your stress level. After a moment, your current stress level will be displayed on the screen


Use your Galaxy Watch to guide you in deep and slow breathing exercises to alleviate the stress:

Step 1. After measuring your stress level once, you can scroll down on the stress tracker screen to the Breathe section.

Step 2. Select the number of cycles and tap on Start.

Step 3. Inhale and exhale according to when your watch shows 'Inhale" or "Exhale".


Automatic measurement

The Galaxy Watch can automatically measure and record your stress level at regular intervals in your daily life.

You can set your Galaxy Watch to measure your stress level manually or allow it to continuously measure your stress level.

Scroll all the way down on the stress tracker screen to select Settings, and then select either Measure continuously or Manual only. The stress level is not measured automatically while you are sleeping or moving a lot.


Find out more about other Samsung Health features at Using the Samsung Health app on my Galaxy Wearable

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Tips & Tricks
Works an absolute treat! Have been using since July 2019.

Was a stressful afternoon at work 😅
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