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Notes on the daily

(Topic created on: 03-27-2024 04:38 PM)
The Notes app is great for people that either love to be organised, or just plain need to be. I use multiple notes every day for everything from planning travel, learning languages, recipes, and so much more. Here are my top tips for getting the most out of Notes.

1. Folders, titles, and tags
Folders are ideal for grouping multiple topics together, such as recipes. Titles help you skim through those topics. I also recommend adding tags to further help group notes. For example, the type of cuisine for a recipe. Tap the three dots menu within notes to add tags.

2. Covers and personalisation
I like covers for the privacy they provide, as well as how they look within the app. From within a new or existing note, you can either tap the 3 dots menu to select "edit cover", or tap the book and pen image within the "Title" area. There are a range of colours, styles and emojis for covers. You can further personalise notes with page templates and settings to suit your style.

3. Incorporate AI
Tap Samsung's AI logo for options to auto format, summarise, correct spelling or even translate. I really like the summary AI creates. As an example, I have created checkboxes with ideas for a travel itinerary, and AI summarises the plans for me.