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Around 2015, Samsung released some limited edition Avengers-themed phones. As a Marvel and pop culture fan, they were the coolest thing I'd seen.I... View Post

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HelloI am using s9 plus for 4 years. About 7 months I hear a notification sound from my phone without knowing the source of the sound. Does anyone... View Post


Hi Mikhaelivanov, might have an answer for yo... View Post

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Having shifted back to the S21 Ultra from the Fold 4 I've a suggestion that two conventional Ultra screens get hinged together with one double... View Post


Hi Fiordland, thanks for the suggestion! I will pass this on to the relevant team  View Post

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I'm using S21 ultra for over a year. Recently I started having a problem with wifi connection. It keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Don't... View Post


Hi Volam, if the above doesn't work I recommend sending your device to one of our service centre's t... View Post