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Is there possibly a compatible version of the secure folder for my Galaxy A03 please  View Post


Hi, the secure folder is a pre-installed app, if it is not showing on your device, then it will not ... View Post

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I have had my S22 Ultra since release, so coming up to a year. The batter life has been fantastic for most of that time, but the last few weeks it has... View Post


Hi Andrew, We recommend you check the link below on  device care, to see whether there is any abnorm... View Post

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Around 2015, Samsung released some limited edition Avengers-themed phones. As a Marvel and pop culture fan, they were the coolest thing I'd seen.I... View Post


I always change my font!!.. And icons!.. Everytime!.. Dnt no why‍臘‍♀️.. Ive brought a few over tim... View Post

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Coming from back ground as farmer and vegetables grower then ended up as a chef I a still learning and observing anywhere I go Recently studied... View Post

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One of the most powerful features for customising your Galaxy Watch is the ability to change the face of your watch. You can choose from a wide range... View Post


This is my current watch face on Watch5 - I love that I can add my own photos, and even have a mix o... View Post