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Samsung HW-S60B soundbar - auto shutdown over HDMI-ARC

(Topic created on: 02-12-2024 08:57 PM)
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Hi Everyone,

I've recently purchased a HW-S60B soundbar, and have connected it to my Samsung 2013 40" Series 6 TV via HDMI using ARC.  

When I turn on the TV, the Soundbar also switches on, and I can use the TV remote to control the soundbar volume.  The TV displays "Anynet+" when I control the volume using the TV remote.

My issue is that when the TV is connected to the Soundbar for ~ 10 minutes WITHOUT any user input (e.g. volume change), the soundbar auto switches off.  It is as if the soundbar does not sense an active input and enters auto-shutdown.  If I switch the soundbar on again using the soundbar remote, it auto-connects to the TV and resumes playing sound.  

Any ideas how to resolve this issue?  I have searched the web, but can't find any satisfactory answers.



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The same thing I just instead of putting the volume to zero I put it to one and the soundbar stays active