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Hi all I am writing this in the hope I may find others that experience the same issue as me and potentially getting help.

So I have been a galaxy watch user for a while using 3 different kinds until now.
My wife also has a watch 5 40mm one.

It is obviously less than a year old. Worked wonderfully until around 2 months ago.
Suddenly battery life went from a 3.5 day average to a just less than 2 day average. Usage hasn't changed.

Sent it in to Samsung. All techs continually said it is 'within manufacturing standards '

I was shocked. Who buys a watch 5 pro and gets less than 2 days battery life on minimal usage.
No AOD. No LTE. No GPS. Settings organised for max battery life.
So previously easily get plus 3xdays. Then suddenly way less.
This to me is a fault that should be covered under warranty.
But they continued ignoring my issue.

At some point it turned off and wouldn't come on at 70% battery. No amount of pressing buttons or holding down etc would get it on. Left it on charge all night and it finally came back on.
Then it started to switch off saying it has overheating issue. So it became unusable.
Sent it in and was told it has no problems.

I received it back. Now it did work, no overheating issue.

I get max 15 hours before it dies. Day after day it barely gets through morning to evening. No app shows up burning battery. Nothing is running except bare minimum.
Yes all health feature off incl heart rate. Since the testing began always off.

Right now at writing 11 hours since full charge. 27%. Likely dead before I sleep tonight.

To me it clearly has a problem that Samsung don't acknowledge. So many other companies would have swapped it by now but they don't even acknowledge it is a problem.

Any ideas?
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This is not intended as an answer but may be useful in terms of making a case against Samsung
You will get more answers by Googling than you will here.
However, when you close this and get back to the community page, search for the search symbol top right corner and enter "watch 5" and other variants like watch battery life .
Members occasionally go to the TIO and your State consumer body but it requires persistence. Remember the phrase "not fit for purpose" as this has some importance when seeking repair or replacement.
Thanks for advice. I already spent a lot of time googling. It obviously has a defect. I was looking for options that don't require some many month process through fair trading just to have their warrenty obligations met.
Crazy how there is no government body that has any power to quickly resolve this.
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Hey @TravelToTheStars

Thanks for reaching out. I suggest sending an error report within 2-3 minutes of the issue occurring for this to be investigated by our research and development team. Error reports assist with identifying any deviations in your device performance. Once analysed, our team will get back to you with a response to advise further steps.

To send an error report for a wearable, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Galaxy Wearables app > click on the device desired on the side menu
  2. In the side menu, tap Contact us > Error reports (in the Get help section)
  3. Fill in details and the frequency of the issue that you have with the wearable.
  4. Click send.


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I'm sorry but that shows Samsungs usual lack of reading what I said and giving an answer that doesn't help or resolve anything.

It had been sent in and diagnostics have been done with your team reporting no errors.
So how will doing that show anything?
Apple would have replaced this after the first report.

One day there will be more competition is Australia and Samsung will lose a lot of business because of this terrible customer service.

I want the product I paid for and I shouldn't need to go through this ridiculous series or events.
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Probably it is your battery health.
Thanks. Possible. It's less than a year old. Battery diagnostics show normal and health is good. So not sure how to prove considering this
So update. It now switches off saying overheating warning again.
It does this repeatedly.
Try to charge it and it now slowly goes backwards.
Sitting at 8% and now neither charges nor discharged.

So hopefully Samsung can recognise this as a fault.
It is totally unusable now.

I sent through the reports on contact us as was recommended by Claudette.
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I've got the watch 5 classic lte and had it returned twice for overheating and battery life. Watch is just 12mths old. They said nothing wrong with it. I don't believe them as had similar issues with new mobile took 8mths 5 times being sent to service centre, multipe error reports. Service centre never looked at error reports so that's a waste of time.
My battery lasted 2days when I bought it, it now lasts all of 32hrs have to charge it every night. It's one of the best watches, I use mine for falls detection. Service centre suggested I turn the Bluetooth off. My reply well I need that if I fall. Derr
Goodluck hope you get it sorted but don't hold your breath.
Turn Bluetooth off is also strange thing to say.. what is the point of smartwatch then...

Yes anyway it's basically died now so I think they have to swap it