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Undelivered Items

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I am writing to express my dissatisfaction and disappointment with the purchase experience with Samsung.

My Order AU220314-69338608 was submitted online in Mar 2022 for 3 items - Galaxy Buds 2, Strap Cover & KD Lab Nukin. I have not received those items yet.

I called the Support Centre in Mar 2022  to update the delivery address before I submitted the online order. I was told that I would receive a notification from Post Office AU before they deliver the items and I may redirect them to my current address : **bleep** Riverwood NSW 2210 Australia.

What I was told is misleading and not true. Neither there was a notification from Post Office for any delivery, nor my current address was updated in the system after my call in Mar 2022.

The email complaint was lodged in June, Aug & Sept 2022, copy attached, and courtesy reply and calls were received checking if I receive those items. Again no delivery is arranged by Samsung E-Commerce Dept to my current address.

A complaint is lodged to NSW Fair Trading Commission in Nov 2022 and the officer, Sabine has advised that I may proceed to make a claim in NSW Tribunal for Misleading and Deceptive Conduct by Samsung.

Your staff has clearly displayed what poor Customer Service is and the inaction and/or omissions in their conduct caused much of my valuable time and distress in getting my order.

Despite my calling and emailing about this non-delivery incident, none of your staff handled it properly. This matter has been dragged along since Apr 2022 and I did not receive a proper explanation until Nov 2022.

I was told that someone at my old address at Narwee collected the items without my knowledge. 

I have been trying my best to communicate with E-Commerce dept but only found that I have been wasting my time and getting nowhere to my order.



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It is weird you had to call them to update your address 'before' placing the order...
When placing an online order, during the checkout process, you are able to use an address that's in their system, or enter a new address.

Why would you call them to update your address before placing your order?