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I purchased a Samsung phone with a trade in offer on 21st of March, 2022. I had my old phone (Samsung S10) ready to be sent in. However, it took 4 months to receive a request to send my phone back (which was on the 15/07/22). 

It was initially valued at $190, however when it was received (on 25/07/22), there was a crack in the LCD camera lens/housing damage that I was not aware of. Asurion deemed it with $0. They have then immediately charged me $190, with no discussion, on the 25th of July, to my bank account.

I note that the phone has worth for the parts alone, and valuing my old phone at $0 is a swindle.

After some liaising (as Asurion take multiple days to respond), I requested my phone back, and provided an address on the 29th of July for it to be returned. I was told it would be posted back to me on the 1st of August.

After no update, I sent an email on the 15th of August, asking for an update. No update again, hence I sent a follow up message on the 22nd of August, asking for another update.

I received a reply on the 24th, saying that it was an incorrect address (it couldn't be, the initial address provided was correct, and there are no other streets with the same name in the world). I stated the address was correct, with them confirming the address via a Google Maps screenshot.

On the 29th of August, I've received an update that apparently the device was sent to my address and returned back, so another address has been requested. I do not understand how that could happen, as there is always somebody home (and a dog that makes a ruckus if there is a light knock), and there was someone home each day that week. I was not provided a tracking number and responded on the same day requesting it to be sent again and a tracking number to be provided.

I've sent another email today (5/09/2022) hoping for a response, however I am not hopeful, and rather distressed by this whole process.

This whole experience has been horrible, and has left a rather sour taste with considering using the Trade In Service again. Asurion take multiple days to respond, if they respond at all. All I want now is for my old phone to be returned. I am doubting my phone was mailed to me at all. I think I would rather purchase a phone a retailer in the future.

Is there any alternative actions anyone can suggest? Any one else i can contact?

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Complain to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman - TIO. Be aware the TIO requires evidence of your efforts to resolve so describe your problems and actions very clearly. You could go one of two ways, advise them that you are going to the TIO or go TIO first and advise Asurion that a case has been submitted. The latter might be better because they must receive lots of threats of intention to go to the TIO without users actually doing this..If you can be bothered search Asurion in these pages and use what you find to improve your case,
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Same thing happened to me. I purchased my s22 ultra in march and 6 months later they sent me email that trade up phone was not returned. I had confirmation from them in mid april that device was in good condition and they will delete my nominated payment card details.

Second email I received was about taking money from my account for not returned device. This is a joke. I had to lock my account. It was suspicious email samsung said to me starting with noreplysamsungtradeup@asurion.com

Be aware people!


Hi @Dragannj and K-Graham. Thanks for reaching out. I am sorry to hear you had issues where your account was charged. Were you able to get this resolved? 

If not, please send through an email to members.au@samsung.com for this to be looked into by our Asurion team. 

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