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charging while having a case on

(Topic created on: 11-27-2023 07:54 AM)
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Galaxy A
do you guys take ur case off when charging or do u leave it on? i heard that it's better off to prevent the phone from overheating, is it true?
Galaxy A
When there's nothing wrong with your device it shouldn't overheat while charging. I've three devices right now and the largest one has a thick rubber case and 11,000mah battery quick charging to 40W and 6Amps. It hasn't complained yet. Wireless charging is a different concept and it will heat up your device a lot. I stopped wireless charging except when I need a top up in the car.
Galaxy A
a good quality case has a good
Heat dissipation
Galaxy A
I don't take off my case when I'm charging. I only charge wirelessly when needed (and when I'm in a cooler place). When I charge on the go using a powerbank, I keep them in separate compartments of my bag and I make sure not to use my device because I've noticed that it tends to heat up more (and faster).