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SAMSUNG A71 Flickering Screen Problem

(Topic created on: 10-18-2022 09:40 PM)
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I have been experiencing screen flickering issues on my A71. Most of the time I get green or red flashes/flickers on the screen. I have never dropped my phone and I never got my phone near the water also. I have this phone for 2 years now and the issue only occured this October 2022. I did everything including, installing the latest updates, entering safe mode, wiping the cache partition, and even factory resetting my phone but nothing worked. 

Do you guys have the same experience? If yes, please let me know and if you can provide any solutions that would be greatly appreciated. 

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Galaxy A

Hello TheLoneSurvivor,

We truly understand your frustration after your numerous attempts to restore your Samsung Galaxy A71 so that it can begin functioning properly. We are sorry to hear that your device is experiencing screen flickering.

But don't worry, we are here to help, guide you, provide quick fixes and offer solutions to your device's problems.

A) Before we begin, ensure that your device is up-to-date with the latest Software updates.

Settings > About Phone > Software Updates > Download and Install > Follow On-screen Notifications.

B) Restarting your device.

Press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons simultaneously for more than 7 seconds to reset your device.

C) Change the display mode to ‘Light’ mode.

Step 1. Tap the Settings app.

Step 2. Tap Display.

Step 3. Select Light.

D) Adjust Display Brightness.

Choose a new display setting on your device if the screen is too intense for your liking. Or, you can turn up the brightness if it's too dark or difficult to see.  

Step 1. Select the Settings app.

Step 2. Tap Display.

Step 3. Adjust the Brightness.

Step 4. or Tap the switch to deactivate Adaptive brightness.

Step 5. If you have noticed the flickering with low brightness, slide the bar to increase the display brightness. 

E) Running the Diagnostic Tools under Samsung Members app.

Step 1. Run Samsung Members and select Get help on the lower half of the screen.

Step 2. Tap View Tests located under Diagnostics.

Step 3. Diagnostics checks, Individually Tap the following;

     "Touch screen"

Step 4. Your Samsung Galaxy phone will then run through the checks.

Step 5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the check.

Step 6. You can view your results after each check is complete.

F) Report error through Samsung Members app.

Step 1. Long press Samsung Members icon on Apps screen and Tap Error reports.

Step 2.Tap OK on agreement popup for sending system log data.

Step 3. Select Symptom category. Tap Display.

Step 4. Describe problem in detail and SEND.

G) For more assistance, you may contact us on our online Samsung support channels below. 

H) Or Contact our Samsung direct hotline numbers below.
#GALAXY or #425299 [Mobile Phones & Tablets]
Available 24/7
1-800-10-7267864 [All Product, Toll Free, PLDT]
1-800-8-7267864 [All Product, Toll Free, Globe]
842-22111 [All Product, Landline]
Daily (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM)


I) If the phone continues to have a flickering screen issues, it is recommended to have the phone evaluated at Samsung Authorized Service Center.

Hope this content is helpful and your problem gets solved.

Make sure to click the ACCEPT AS SOLUTION button in your subsequent response, if we have satisfied your inquiry.

Galaxy A
it's a sign of screen failing, suggets bring to nearest authorized samsung service center
Galaxy A
How did it happen though? I already have the phone for 2 years and there's been no issue at all until now. I also never dropped it or anything.
Galaxy A
most likely normal wear and tear, suggest report this under send error/feedback on members app and call or chat samsung to air your concern aswell
Galaxy A
Same! I experienced the same after I installed the latest android software. This month also October 2022 it happened.
Galaxy A
I have seen some A71 users in facebook also having the same problem. They said screen replacement is the only solution which is 8k pesos but I am still hoping that this is only a software issue, not a hardware one. You should submit a report here in the members app so that samsung knows the issue.
Galaxy A
Thanks! I did submit already the issue. Might visit within this weekend to Samsung. Geez! If it is 8k pesos, I better buy a new unit instead..though I love this phone. Oooff! 😵🤦‍♀️
Galaxy A
I love this phone too it's been with me for 2 years it's kinda sad that it just had this annoying flickering issue. I'll try to wait for the Android 13 update first maybe it's only an issue with the software. 8k pesos is crazy expensive just for a screen replacement 😔
Galaxy A
I had this since far it hasn't given me any problem, except just this issue on screen flickering after I downloaded the new software.