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trying to retrieve deleted msgs

(Topic created on: 07-27-2020 03:43 PM)
Active Level 1
Galaxy A
Im trying to retrieve the msgs that was deleted from the contact that i've blocked. Is there any way for me to this on my samsung a70?
Active Level 7
Galaxy A
Are you having Samsung Cloud? This is great option if you want to retrieve the deleted messages.
* Samsung Account required

1. Go to Settings
2. Tap "Accounts and Back-up"
3. Click "Restore Data"
4. Select "Messages" and Click Restore

Wait until the restore is complete. If doesn't work, Find an application at Google Play Store that retrieve deleted msgs.
Expert Level 5
Galaxy A
You can retrieve your deleted messages only if it has been synced by your Samsung Cloud app for the whole time since syncing your data is like backing up everything to the Cloud storage. That's what I believe. 😊