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Creating full screen widgets

(Topic created on: 09-30-2021 08:05 PM)
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I have the Galaxy Note 10+ & although I dont use it to it's fullest, I  just love it. Anyway,  I live in western Canada & now they are saying that we will have to have a Vaccine passport, but when I tried to download it from BC Health,  I  scanned the qr code then was asked how do I want to open it, the only way thad made sense was to my photos. This works just find but I realized that anytime I want to show this woul mean opening photos, finding the screenshot, bringing it up for display for scanning. 
I have set the photo as my lock screen, but this is a nucense. Is there anyway I can get this photo to open on a blank screen as a permanent widget? Cheers Oldbroad Angela 🇨🇦😾
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1) Open PDF for your vaccine receipt
2) Take a screenshot of the PDF with all the info on the vaccine recipt
3) Go to your home screen, long press, and hit the widgets option
4) Look for the widget "Picture Frame" and add that to your home screen
5) Add a single photo and find your screenshot of the receipt
6) Adjust the widget size if necessary to fit the content or retake the screenshot and do the steps again.

I'd also suggest adding a shortcut to your homescreen with the PDF vaccine receipt just incase.

You can do this by
1) Going to the My Files app
2) Find the vaccine receipt pdf
3) Long press the file, hit the "More 3 dots" button
4) Hit "Add to Home screen"

This will make sure you have a redundant access to your vaccine info incase one doesn't work for some reason or if they want to see the actual pdf.

Edit - Forgot to mention this is how I do in in Ontario but it should be similar in BC
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Hi Oldbroad, please try the suggestions provided by Jokkir. Appreciate your time and efforts in giving a response, Jokkir.