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Bonjours a vous. J'ai besoins de vôtre aide .Il yba quelques applications comme mes ficher . Ça me dit qu'il y a une mise à jour. Et rien... View Post


Voici un lien vers youtube du problème. View Post

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Good day everyone. I'm not sure if I'm not understanding how the camera Singal Take works, or there's a problem. When I click on the... View Post


Thank you for the update. It doesn't change anything on my S23+. I just won't use it. View Post

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Just curious, have been using groups in messages(which turns into multi media messages) but how do I change the name of the group as sometimes I get... View Post


There isn't a way to do it. View Post

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While on Facebook, I get a message beneath each comment that my browser is not supported by Facebook for the purpose of commenting on posts and that I... View Post


Great, but just don't know why you wouldn't just use the preinstalled app? 🤔 View Post

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Can I have two screens open at once? For example: Listen to YouTube video in the background on one screen while playing a game on another?Thank you in... View Post


The reason that I had all of the split screen options turned off in the first place is because the f... View Post

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The worst phone ever, screw bell, and screw Samsung. Such a disappointment, finance a phone for $2000 and its a lemon. I'm sure this phone is made... View Post


You mean the optical image stabilization? It rattles on all units. View Post

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I've made a decision which I thought I'd share with the community. Over the years, I have spent a considerable amount of hard earned money on... View Post


I asked a similar question as I haven't got any security updates for a while and that's not good. Th... View Post