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I pre-ordered Skye Blue s23 ultra. Mine is showing as starts shipping on March 19. However while I placing the order it was saying shipping starts... View Post


Skye Blue is a special order color which comes from and takes 5 to 7 weeks to get it  View Post

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Hi,My note 20 ultra screen is off and I withdraw my pen to write a screen off memo, the note app opens, I write my note and save it, i then replace... View Post


Most likely the notification feature for screen off memo is gone. View Post

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Has anyone came across any wallpaper that changes according to the time of the day? Long time back, I had an Asus tablet and it used to change colors... View Post


Don't know about live Wallpapers that change according to the time of day, but you can set up a sche... View Post

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I have this old yet hardworking note 8 without a SIM and doing wifi dollar stores I've seen those prepaid cards.would it load on my note... View Post


I'm not sure if @youandi06 was talking about a simple Reboot after inserting the SIM from a new / di... View Post

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Im wondering if anyone is getting there s23 ultra before Feb 8 (in Canada)  View Post


Nice. I placed my order on Feb 3rd to but still says pending. Alberta here. Hope you get yours soon. View Post

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I got a popup in my samsung pay app that samsung wallet is coming soon to canada. Anyone know when. The store page says Samsung pay Canada still on... View Post


Ultimately I didn't miss anything, but I started by trying to do the least possible. And you're righ... View Post

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LED sign display not displayed  properly with A52 phone.  Some of the LED digits are not shown. YES the LED sign is operating properly.Some LED digits... View Post

Some LED digits not captured by A52

Hi, yes as suggested by others LED lights flicker at a very high speed. So, we would like to inform ... View Post

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I had an issue about my flip. After 1 year warranty the screen got damaged or defective. I wanted to change 😪 caused it might happen again in... View Post


Hi Katong1229, we certainly understand  your situation and we are sorry to hear about your device. A... View Post