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I've recently been receiving security alerts from Google saying I have signed in an it possible that the device they are preceding as... View Post


Lol, they're supposed to be smart right  View Post

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Does Anyone pre-order this and received? I have ordered on 25th May and they are saying I might get the device by end of the month. View Post


Hi jgohil, We appreciate your interest in Samsung products. Please check the direct message I sent y... View Post

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Samsung cancelled my order saying the shipping address is wrong or not matching. The address by default came when I was placing my order was the wrong... View Post


Hi, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you provide the order number. View Post

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I can't get my keyboard backlight to stay on at all. I toggle through the Fn+F9 key and it will go through the levels of brightness, but then... View Post


@Seenlzax I thought I had the same problem with my Galaxy Book Ion, but then I noticed it has a phot... View Post

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What charging brick would work best if charging the ION from the USB 3 port on the left hand side?  View Post


Hi, You can also charge your Galaxy Book with any compatible USB-C smartphone charger and even a com... View Post

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I'm in Canada and the new Galaxy Book Pro 360 is only available with 8gbs of RAM. I called customer service and that the Pro Series was not... View Post


I understand, I'm curious as well. I was configuring a 360 and noticed the lack of ram options. I th... View Post

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Does anyone know if there is a feature on here that allows you to track orders from the Samsung website?Or any other easy way that doesn't require... View Post


Hi, Please use the below link to check the order status. View Post