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I've tried to download a certain Adobe app I need, as I like to make videos on the go without my computer but it says Adobe Premiere Rush is... View Post


Hi, please check for the compatible apps in the play store that are similar to Adobe Premiere Rush w... View Post

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Bonjour ! Aider moi svp j'ai parlé avec service technique samsung jeudi passer la j'ai vraiment toutes essayer faite le reset de la.barre de... View Post


Mes autre chose sa ce pourrais tu que c'est mes speaker sans fil le problème mes swa-8500s qui fais ... View Post

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Hi,Do you have any slowness with your photo application when you open it? It takes me like 3 to 4 seconds before it opens and 2 to 3 seconds before I... View Post


He's talking about the camera, unless you can take pictures with the gallery. "photo application whe... View Post

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I love my camera so much, it captures the colors of everything I see so perfectly! 🥰 View Post


Hi . When I first bought s22 , photos were coming awesome. I dont know I think by mistake I somehow... View Post