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Pourquoi certains messages dans une discussion apparaissent comme étant remis/lu. Alors que d'autres non.. comment activer cette confirmation? View Post

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Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone has an answer for me. Last November I bought a Galaxy A01 core off Amazon Canada, It's been a great phone,... View Post


I'm thinking that you probably should have, or likely will receive a security patch update soon. The... View Post

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After the latest update, my phone will blink after awhile of use, when watching YT full screen, it will had a blink ,then get back to normal view,... View Post


"Hi mantonton, Please perform the wipe cache partition as suggested by RedDogRabbit and get back to ... View Post

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I have an Samsung Galaxy Active 2 and it will be the last Samsung device of any kind I ever purchase.Can't track sleep properly.Can't track... View Post


Hi, we suggest you please reach out to Text We Care (932 273) or live chat support by using the link... View Post

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Has anyone gotten a message from Google play that says Samsung gallery is no longer compatible with your device? I still use it.. View Post


Hi, what is the model number of the device, Android Version and Gallery app version? View Post

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I just got an active watch 2, a Dexcom g6 CGM and a Pixel 5 to view my blood glucose on my wrist!Unfortunately in the Samsung Health application it... View Post


Hi, Welcome to the Samsung Members Community Canada. The only permission you need to give is from th... View Post