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very frustrated

Posted in: Galaxy S

I order silicone case with s pen since 28th January. It s still in process. When i call or chat with service, always they tell me that it will arrive next week. Bullshit

Posted by: syllmoh
Beginner Level 4

Transferring data from s8+ to s20fe

Posted in: Galaxy S

hi, the data on my old phone isn't transferring to my new phone so therefore, i can't use it. We are using Smart Switch to transfer it via cable. Nothing transfered and I've been trying for weeks. Can some of you help me?

Posted by: Lucca21
Active Level 4


Posted in: Galaxy S

My FTP client can no longer see my SD card since the update only internal folders and files.Is there a fix for this, it worked pre 11 update.If I use the Samsung Files I can see it, but not through my ftp client now.Suggestions?

Posted by: Beushy
Active Level 1