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Hello!I'm using a A41 and try to keep it clean from unnecessary apps etc. (as good as possible)Samsung health works pretty fine and fast overall.... View Post


Hi,sorry - i totally missed that this community is for Canadian users.(...since i'm a huge Bryan Ada... View Post

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So, the first five countries didn't include Canada. When will be available?Thanks View Post


What you are saying is totally irrelevant in this case. Samsung Wallet is basically a marge or their... View Post

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Hey all,Any idea when will the new Samsung Wallet app will be out?? I heard announcement with the S22 Ultra release. But not sure when will it be... View Post


Here is newsroom global site View Post

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I'm wondering how there are people with over 1 million steps already when we're only 14 days into the month. You'd have to average 71000/... View Post


Hi, There are different factors that can cause the watch's step count to be inaccurate. However, you... View Post

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Hi, does anyone know if there's an easy way to easily compare run details across multiple runs in an easy way? For example, I want to see how my... View Post


Hi, you can add upto 4 various workouts widget on the shortcuts, 1. Open S Health and rotate the bez... View Post