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Hello everyone.I have a simple question that I cannot find an answer anywhere. I want to do my phone backup on my SSD and I would like to know if I... View Post


Hi klipe, I request you to please take the help from the given link and check. View Post

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I am planning of buying smart dynamic colour light bulbs, will I be able to control them with just my galaxy phone with the smart things app? Or do I... View Post


Hi, we are glad to see that you found the required information. Also to learn more about the "Smartt... View Post

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I have Samsung wallet, and when I try to set Samsung wallet as my double press shortcut the app doesn't show... this feature is on the website and... View Post


Hi, I request you to please perform the steps as suggested by the RedDogRabbit, if the issue persist... View Post

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After updating my samsung health app, it is no longer logging any autoworkouts from my watch (active 2). If I start a manual workout on my watch, it... View Post


I too am disappointed in the Samsung Health since I updated it. Now it runs in the background semico... View Post