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Hello guys,Has anyone else noticed a terrible input lag when using a bluetooth mouse with DeX connected wirelessly to a TV?I was excited to test this... View Post


"Saw someone mention connecting a dongle directly to the TV and use the TV to receive the mouse inpu... View Post

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I have the s21 ultra when I try and use bixby it will beep so I know it read my voice but it won't do anything, if I say what's the weather it... View Post


I don't want I don't need your spam View Post

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Can I use samsung pay anywhere that accepts tap or does it have to be at certain places.  View Post


Hi, Samsung Pay works virtually anywhere you can tap your contactless card. Thanks for the response,... View Post

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I'm losing passwords accounts and have had it with 2 step verification Google Microsoft and Samsung must be laughing their sick asses off    I... View Post


Your attitude leaves much to be desired. "got out after 16 years", Prison?  View Post

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Why does this app not work properly on my Galaxy S10?  The app is basically junk if it does not work and stops in the middle of use.  It is not... View Post


Hi Bronco14, welcome to the Samsung Members Canada community. Please perform the clear cache of the... View Post

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Hello everyone, first time samsung user. Bought Galaxy M31 last month and I am missing secure folder feature. Am I the only one missing this feature? View Post


Quite unfortunate to know that it doesn't support in a new phone. All I can hope is some firmware or... View Post

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Qu'est-ce que la.vie qu'une multitude de contraintes ou de déception. Pourquoi alors attendre trop de la vie et ne pas profiter de... View Post


Bonjour, merci de partager avec les membres de la communauté Samsung. View Post