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The Autorotate function seems to have disappeared from my Galaxy Tab A in the past week. I know it's an old Tab, but it still works well and suits... View Post


If you're using Samsung's Members app, Click on the 3 Dot Menu to the right & it'll popup with the o... View Post

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HiI have recently used switch to transfer from A13 to A54 mobile.I checked all the pictures had transferred across to the new device then deleted them... View Post


Smart Switch is very good at backing up & restoring photos, but did you make sure that you selected ... View Post

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Hi all.I'm trying to fine out the episode of Baywatch that was aired on channel 1063 on April 24th, 2023.Does anyone know how this would be done? View Post


Hi Helenna. Thanks so much for your quick response.I'm admittedly not good at this. How do I check t... View Post

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Hi my phone updated to the new UI 6.0 recently but I'm more used to its previous version, does anyone know if it's possible to change it? View Post


Normolly reverse back to older version SW is not recommended due to updating being happening forward... View Post

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Anyone now when the Feb security path for th s23 fe comes to Canada?  View Post


My husband and I both have the S23 . I own the smaller version and he owns the Ultra.We 98% of the t... View Post