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My S7 died. Completely inaccessible and non-responsive to all special keypresses, etc. I would like to download my contacts from where ever Samsung... View Post


Do you have a Gmail account? If yes, just synchronise your contacts on your new phone. View Post

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I use Dual WhatsApp on my phone and for some reason the WhatsApp photos and videos folder for the dual WhatsApp has vanished. I am unable to see... View Post


I checked this and it is enabled. View Post

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How do I add my link services with the new app update? Like my Kasa smart light dimmerSmartyhings, Link, services, kasa, meross View Post


Hi, I suggest you to try the suggestions provided by Tallman. Thanks, for the response Tallman. View Post

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Hi there, I'm trying to add from two countries the holidays on my calendar but it won't let me. S20 EFCan someone help me please?  View Post


Hi, If you found a solution to your query please take the time to accept the comment that you find h... View Post

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I send emails no problem but I can't receive them no matter how many times I sync, I've set something up wrong.    Also I want to download my... View Post


Sorry don't know what or where I set that? Also what is the general form of your exchange server min... View Post

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After the last update (June 2021), the battery on my s10e is draining at record speed.  It would usually last at least 2 days prior to the update and... View Post


Georgine, Thank you! I can't say the s10e is back to where it was before, but it is sooo much better... View Post

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Bonjour, Depuis la mise à jour vers Android 11 Sur mon Galaxy A11 L'application Samsung Notes N'est plus compatible Je n'ai donc plus... View Post


J'ai refait recherchesSur Galaxy StoreEt Play StoreGalaxy Store : n'apparaît pasEt Play Store : non ... View Post

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When I speak my son's name (Aidan) it's always spelled incorrectly (Aiden). How do I fix that? View Post


My apologies, it's a quirk with the phone I guess,mine does the same thing View Post