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I love pocket camp I stopped playing it for a while on apple just cuz I didn't like it on there but as soon as I went samsung I loved it I... View Post

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I must say I am very impressed with how games look  on the Samsung s22 ultra everytime I had an apple phone the picture when I played games wasn't... View Post


Hi, we are glad to hear that you are happy with Samsung. We will consider it as valuable feedback. View Post

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I am unable to wirelessly connect my tv to the internet. It keeps showing my password is incorrect. I have confirmed it is correct. I have reset the... View Post


You should write the model of your device to get more help View Post

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1, go on Google and look up xbox cloud gaming2, click the first link3, sign in with your Microsoft account4, play any game that is in the Microsoft... View Post

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Yesterday something changed with the Messaging App on my Samsung Galaxy 10e. When I had Unread messages I used to be able to pull down and have an... View Post


Hi, Are you using Samsung Messages or Google Messages app?Did you recently update the messaging app ... View Post

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My Samsung A53 5G has issue connecting with my car Bluetooth of Honda Civic 2013. It connects fine the issue is I sound like a robot  when I make a... View Post


This is a known issue by Samsung. The solution provided does not help. Samsung needs to recall these... View Post

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I wish you could get the same apps on a Samsung as you can on an apple. Got friends with games that are fun but, I can't get them.... View Post


Uh... this more Apple VS Android... Samsung has nothing to do with this.  View Post

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