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Has anyone else had their Samsung major appliances breakdown?Being avid Samsung loyalist for many years, we (my husband and I) decided to give their... View Post


We had a Samsung washer that was about 13 years old and the web that hold the drum corroded and brok... View Post

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Hi does anyone know how to fix or reduce ping in COD-M? I used to get between 8-15ms but I'm now getting 40-60ms.  View Post

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I get called by some person, who never answers or leaves a message. I do not know what he wants. When I call that number, it can not be dialed. View Post


Exactement ! Si c’est important, la personne va laisser un message vocal même si c’est un numéro inc... View Post

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Is there a way to block the add showing animals getting shot!? I get it, there are hunters that would like this sort of game. And I understand I need... View Post


I'm not even sure, lol. I exit the app as soon as it comes on. Shows real coyotes being shot and dyi... View Post

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Comment choisir le son des messages textes ?? Je trouve pas dans son et je trouve pas dans les paramètres de messages textes ? View Post

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