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hi, no mater how I dry the close, the dryer says cooling and is stuck at 1 minute.  Doesn't seem to cool down.  I have to manually stop the dryer... View Post


Hi Watin, Welcome to the Samsung Members Canada community.If you see an hE or hC error code, it mean... View Post

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SOLVED! After working fine for 10 years, my Samsung calendar (green icon on homescreen) JUST RANDOMLY STOPPED SHOWING the USUAL 4 EVENTS per DAY IN... View Post


You are very welcome.  Have a good evening. View Post

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현재 삼성 노트북 펜s를 사용하고 있습니다. 작성하던 중 튕김 현상이 발생하면서 작업하고 있던 파일이 손상되었다는 문구와 함께 접근 불가능한 상태가 되었습니다. 파일 손상과 관련하여 서치를 시도해보고 업데이트도 진행시켜보고 온라인 상담도 진행해보았지만 아직까지 해결되지... View Post


Bonjour 2jab , Bienvenue dans la communauté des membres Samsung. Nous tenons à vous informer que c'e... View Post

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So I've had my ps5 since launch. It and my Samsung tv were working fine.. then suddenly my tv starting saying that " external device... View Post


so it looks like I'm going to have to replace a Tv that is only four years old. the problem is worse... View Post

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If anyone knows of any good ACTUALLY FREE texting apps from tablet, and a messaging app as well that can work on both tablet and phone, including... View Post


I use TextNow and it is great View Post