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Is anyone else annoyed how the new update looks? I don't like that my games are a tiny little bar at the bottom of your app. I want a way to... View Post

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I am suddenly unable to download any apps, I keep getting a something is wrong pop up, I have lots of storage, good wifi. View Post


I figured it out, I had to disable Google play store, Uninstall updates, and enable play store again... View Post

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Every 30 seconds I have this error notification, I already uninstalled the game and installed it again and it's still the same, the error says... View Post


It says : samsung app purchase, unknown error View Post

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I think all the games on play store are completely bullcrap every game i play all help the other players i don't know who to contact so if anyone... View Post

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We purchased a 70” Samsung TV just over a year ago and in the middle of the night the screen fell right off of the tv! Fortunately our children were... View Post


WOW!Yeah that could have been much worse, especially if your kids were sitting in front of the TV!Yo... View Post

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