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Phone lock out.

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Hi guys, new to this and wondering if someone can point me in the direction of making a major complaint or resolving my issue. My phone didn't automatic update last year November and it does not recognize my password at all. I have it the same password for 15 years Samsung smartthings decided to not have unlock my phone feature or upload all data from a remote device available anymore and with their intelligence team thought not to notify anybody of this. I wish they pested at me about that being removed like they annoy me about upgrading my phone.
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I am confused as to what happened, when. Did the password problem suddenly occur or was it part of an attempted update?. If you are locked out it looks like you will have to do a factory reset and lose your data (unless after reset you find it in Settings, Backup). One cause of no updating is if you bought a non-Australian model e.g. from someone like Kogan.
Updating of these can be done but you need to Google to find out how.

When you get going again do not use Secure folder. There are too many stories of no access after updating. Alternatives such as Dropbox secure or Play Store options.

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