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Galaxy S21 Ultra specific Air Command Action applications does not work.

(Topic created on: 09-10-2021 06:19 AM)
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Galaxy S

When using my S-Pen (standalone type/model) to open the Air Command Icon to access the listed applications below, the error message "Can't use _NameOfApplication_ while Magnification in use." Where _NameOfApplication_ are the following:

  1. Magnify
  2. Glance
  3. Smart Select
  4. Bixby Vision

These applications work differently in different scenario:

Scene 1 : Home Screen via Air Command IconDoesn't workDoesn't workDoesn't workDoesn't work
Scene 2 : Secure Folder via Air Command IconDoesn't workDoesn't workOKDoesn't work
Scene 3 : Home Screen via Edge PanelNot ApplicableNot ApplicableOKNot Applicable
Scene 4 : Home Screen via Edge PanelNot ApplicableNot ApplicableOKNot Applicable


Together with Samsung Support, we singled-out the issue as follows:

  • The S-Pen is a standalone model which comes together with the official Samsung Case for S21 Ultra.
  • The S-Pen is not defective since the applications works in another device (Note 9).
  • Smart Select works via the Edge Panel but does not work via the Air Command Icon.
  • Other applications from the Air Command Icon also does not work.
  • Using Safe Mode does not resolve the issue. The same error happens while in Safe Mode.
  • Soft reset does not resolve the issue.
  • All applicable Diagnostics (via Samsung Member application) resulted to an OK. 

Does anybody else experience this?

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Our support team will gather data for documentation, and will further arrange an appointment on your nearest ASCs (door-to-door pick-up is available for users within NCR) for assessment, and/or replacement of the part/s should the cause be determined to be software related (highly subjected for approval). Hope to have helped you! Enjoy the weekend.