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Newly bought Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

(Topic created on: 04-14-2024 11:13 AM)
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Galaxy S
Made this post in late night because I'm still in awe.

For years, I have always dreamed of getting a new phone with top of the line features. Now, I finally bought my very first flagship phone.

Galaxy S24 Ultra Box

At first, I am just watching the introductions and advertisements of the S series while wishing that I'll get one someday. 

Now, it feels so surreal to finally have a flagship phone like the Galaxy S24 Ultra. 🥹

The Titanium finish is soo good because I barely notice my smudges on the body. Its anti-reflective screen is such a game-changer as well. I am actually having a hard time finding the perfect screen protector for this but I'll find one anyway. 😂

Recorded yesterday after having a quick rundown of the phone

An absolute beast of a smartphone. Its a breeze navigating on apps and gaming with it is really really awesomee! I even installed Perf Z for even more game performance customization.

The camera is extremely superb with its HDR10+ Video Recording capability, zoom modes, and the Portrait mode which is my personal favorite.

Watching videos are absolutely delightful because of the screen. It is bright, colorful, and really really wideeeee. 💘

I'm also amazed on Galaxy AI ️ especially the Notes Summary feature. I've been using Samsung Notes since I had my J2 Prime and it really came a long way since then. Right now, I'm still exploring Galaxy AI's other capabilities.

Truly a worthy investment. Something that'll last for years to come.

Thank you for making smartphones like these, Samsung! Please keep up the good work of innovating and making beautiful phones like this. 🫶🏼
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Great purchase
Galaxy S
Enjoy your new gadget! ❤️