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No option to enable multiple users on the phone

(Topic created on: 03-25-2024 07:53 PM)
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Galaxy S
I have an S24 Ultra, and I dont see any way to enable multiple users on my phone so that I could share it with my sister while having her own apps etc thereby maintaining privacy. I have read that this is available on s21 or s22 series, but why is this not available now on the latest flagships?. My Huawei phone from 2018 has this native android feature and Samsung doesn't? why even bother removing such a useful feature?. 😡 Now I have to share my older huawei phone instead of my newer samsung phone. 🙄. Does samsung really just tend to remove features that otherwise work fine anyway?. Last feature i noticed that was removed was the highlight feature on samsung gallery, now this?. 😡
Galaxy S

Hi Joshua,

The multiple-user feature is not available for Samsung Galaxy smartphones (but is available for our tablet line.) This is to ensure security for your Galaxy device. 

Hope this clears things up.

Galaxy S
How is it not secured though?. Both profiles could be secured with a pin and fingerprint anyway. As this is something I already done on my 5.5yr old Huawei Honor 10 with Android 10. The open source Android 14 still natively supports it, why does samsung disable it on the galaxy?... If its not secured, then why is it on the tablet line of Samsung?... it doesnt just make sense to me.
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Galaxy S

This will only be enabled when and if apple introduces multiple profiles on their phone.  By Enabling this feature you will not be motivated to buy a new phone, therefore to keep the samsung economy going, this feature has been disabled.

when apple introduces any similar feature (very unlikely though) then samsung will try to copy some of these features.

Samsung does not realise that a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.