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Worst Customer Service

(Topic created on: 06-12-2024 09:26 PM)
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Here's to raise awareness with how lame is the aftersales and customer service of Samsung philippines .. we bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S24 ultra on April 9,2024.hoping to get the best and latest tech of samsung with their latest unit so we opted for it instead of Iphone 15..I discovered that some of my videos doesn't have an audio and i thought it was just a glitch when sending videos bec most of the time it does have a sound..then after a month i was bothered bec when someone calls they couldn't hear me if i will not turn the speaker i check online as to why it is happening so i came across with the diaagnostic tool where to check such issues so there i found out that the phone has two mic and audio ..and upon running the diagnostic tool the 1st mic and speaker is "defective" according to samsung i immediately went to the store where we bought the phone. They told me that the nearest Service Center is in Tuguegarao City which is 3 to 4 hrs drive from the store..They told me that they need to bring my unit there for them to be able to make a report that it is defective.And worst they needed to reset the phone meaning all the data will be lost such as pitures and videos.The following day I reach out to their chat support hoping they could help me with my concern and they assured me that they already emailed and informed the relevant team to handle the matter.I even told them that as much as possible I don't want my unit to be repaired and I am deeming for a replacement since it is defective. The 2nd day I reach out again to their chat support but this time the other agent is telling me other way to resolve my concern and the 3rd day same issue and concern and yet they couldn't help me properly with my request and there is no superior nor a manager that I could talk to. The 4th day I found out from another agent that the "Case manager" who's handling my concern that they alreadt have a Final Decision which is to repair the unit only,do I told them again that I wanted to talk to that agent as to why and how he came up with such decision without hearing the side of their customer.I even requested for a call back but to no avail I didn't get any calls from them so I have to reach out again to their toll free number and their #GALAXY .After long calls the case manager offered me a 3months up to 6 months warranty extension but I respectfully declined it because I asked him why the need to extend the warranty which is in reality I would not be needing and it or use it.I told him thay they are just offering me that warranty extension just to say that they had compensated me with the inconvinience that I had to go trhough with Samsung but in reality that warranty extension is useless so I told him to come up with something that I could use instead of extending the warranty and told me to call me again but then again they failed to call and upon reaching out to their hotline for the nth time,the agent is in dayoff for two.I am far frustrated and disappointed on the agents is handling my concern knowing that Samsung is a trusted brand and big company.I even suggested that the agents should at least have a training in handling such concern,for sure those conversation I had with the agents is recorded and maybe tagging me as an "irrate customer" but I am still hoping for the best action regarding with my concern.

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as a fellow s24u users hope this will be sorted, i believe the escalation path is thru samsung ceo