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Z fold 3 screen protector breaking

(Topic created on: 09-12-2022 09:31 PM)
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Galaxy Z
My zFold 3 internal screen protector is starting to have scratches at the middle due to open/close wear and tear.  Has anyone asked samsung Singapore for a screen protector replacement?  How much does it cost?  Quite disappointed that it doesn't last. 
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Galaxy Z
Hey, u may refer to this post: here, as one of the members shared that it cost about $29 for the replacement of the inner screen protector.
Galaxy Z
Also need to see if u are still covered by Samsung care+...
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Galaxy Z

This the first I've heard about scratches arising from folding/unfolding, but if you're look at non-Samsung options, you can check out the following.

I scratched up my front display and bought the front clear protector for self replacement. It applied relatively easily, with the tiny bubbles disappearing overnight. The film itself is flexible, hydrophobic and feels a little thick like the Samsung original main/inner screen protector i.e. you can cause an indent with your fingernail. It has a good fit and works very nicely with my Samsung cases too, with no lifting of edges due to the case. Best of all it's really affordable, so if you're inclined to try and replace your own screen protector, you can give this a go.

I still have a free screen protector replacement from Samsung, but am saving it for my main/inner screen replacement before my Samsung Care+ expires.

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Galaxy Z
Thanks all. The scratches are wear and tear through normal usage, and started at the bottom and there's a bit at the centre middle. Will check out the replacement link you sent.