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[COMMUNITY EVENT]: Gamers, level up with the Elite Gamer badge!

(Topic created on: 06-23-2023 03:56 PM)
Community Manager
Gaming Hub

Elite Gamer badge banner-1080x566-Fa copy.jpg

Members, here is a chance for you to earn the new Elite Gamer community badge!

Our Samsung Members community is made up of some skilled gamers, many of
whom are already displaying their Vanguard badges that were earned in last year’s

Are you ready to join, or step up the ranks, and show us how you are an Elite Gamer?
Vanguard gamers, don’t miss out on this opportunity to add to your collection and
earn a new rank! 🙌

What do you have to do to earn this Elite Gamer badge of
honour ? Check out the mission below!

P.S : All Vanguard and Elite gamers will be able to join an upcoming special
community challenge to win game keys


Gamers, show us how you game with your Samsung products.
Whether you are mobile gamer, console gamer or a PC gamer, show us how you
gameplay with Samsung! Share with us in the comment section below, a picture of
your gaming setup, or your gameplay experience with Samsung products, and all
relevant replies will be awarded the Elite Gamer badge!
So, gamers unite, and comment away to earn your badge!

Learn more about GAMEPLAY II and discover more tips on how you can elevate your
gaming experiences with Samsung products!