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Game of the Month: SpinMania

(Topic created on: 07-03-2023 10:53 AM)
Community Manager
Gaming Hub

Hi Members,

Our Game of the Month: SpinMania will be taking place at WonderVille
Arcade @The Kaleidoscope 

Play SpinMania now and win animated Pixel Art stickers designed just
for Samsung Members!

Pixel art stickers win.jpg
The Story:

Everyone is gathered outside WonderVille Arcade, all ready to have
some fun, but the doors are locked! Oh dear, what are they going to
do? All the fun and excitement lies behind those double doors!

Wait a minute, is that a lock?

Yes, it is! The characters discover that to enter WonderVille Arcade,
they need to show their gaming skills by playing SpinMania to unlock
the doors.

Are you going to be the Member that unlocks the doors to the
fantastical world of WonderVille Arcade? Let’s find out!