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I recently purchased a washer-dryer combo directly from the Samsung website (in Australia) on April 1st. I bought it from the website because it claimed that Samsung would have it shipped and delivered within 3-5 working days.

The machine was set to arrive on April 7th according to ANC (the courier Samsung Au uses) - however I received 0 notifications on the day, despite deciding to stay home from work to receive the appliance.

I check the tracking information again at midday (the delivery was supposed to happen between 8:30-11:30am) and it says "Your delivery was unsuccessful. Please contact SAMSUNG to reschedule". The reason given was "Not Hanged Over". Again, I CANCELLED work and stayed home all day for this delivery, so I am already frustrated. When I scroll down, there is a signature that is NOT mine, and a blurry photo of what I assume is my package and some paperwork from the courier.

Obviously, the next step I take is contacting Samsung. I call 3 times on the day (April 7th) and it takes 15 minutes each time just to reach the E-com/customer care department because of the insane wait times. Twice I am disconnected DURING the hold music - both times after I refuse to rate the previous service reps on the line, because I haven't received any help yet. 

I end up having to give up that day, because the line closes at 5pm. I call the next day, and it FINALLY connects. The service rep is nice, and assures me that my order will be escalated to be delivered within (again) 3-5 business days. I reiterate that I am worried that the delivery service will, again, PRETEND to attempt to deliver my package, and then I have to wait another week or month for my purchase to arrive. They tell me that the courier company will contact me that day (Friday) or early next week at the latest with my new tracking information. 

I've also mentioned the possibility of getting a refund, but that is completely ignored. 

At this point, I have 2 weeks of laundry I haven't been able to do. It is now 

I attempted calling Samsung again on the Monday (April 11th) just to confirm the delivery is on it's way, and I was assured that I just needed to wait. They told me my order was set to be picked up, but gave me no other details.

It is now April the 14th (Thursday), and I have received ZERO information from either ANC OR SAMSUNG about the (re)delivery of my purchase. I tried calling just now, at 1:54pm, and the service rep disconnected me in the middle of the call.

This is extremely unreasonable and unprofessional of Samsung. 3-5 business days has turned into 2 weeks and counting. I need the Washer Dryer combo.

If I do not receive my purchase soon (Or at least some form of communication about when it will arrive), I am fully prepared to report the company to the NSW ombudsman. I will be out of pocket for both the day of work I had to miss, and also any fees that will come from having to go to the laundromat.

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Good afternoon, @lstrc. I am deeply sorry to hear of the experience you had receiving your recent order. 

Please send through an email with the following details so that I may follow up internally with our team. 


Subject: SamsungLaura - Washing machine not delivered

1. Full name

2. Phone number

3. Delivery address

4. Order number

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did this get sorted as I'm having issues in the Uk?