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Smart Switch will not sync with Outlook 2021

(Topic created on: 01-05-2024 12:52 PM)
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I have been unable to get Smart Switch to sync with Outlook 2021 calendar and contacts for at least the last couple of years. My current laptop is brand new, using Windows 11 Pro with the latest updates, the latest updates for Outlook 2021, and the latest version of Smart Switch (as at January 2024). I have uninstalled, and subsequently re-installed Smart Switch from both my laptop and A52S 5G phone a number of times; without success.

It used to work well some years ago, but not for some time. I'd be interested in a solution if one is available please.


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Have you tried making Google calendar the default calendar (and contacts)? Then on each device activate syncing. Then you might be able to sync Outlook with Google?