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S90C Main menu search is hopeless, only gives results for YouTube & Samsung Plus

(Topic created on: 02-24-2024 12:00 PM)
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With all the paid (ie: Netflix, Prime, Apple TV etc) and Freeview apps (ie: 7Plus, 9Now, Iview etc) available on this TV, of which selected highlighted ones are displayed on the actual Main Menu screen that the search icon is displayed on, it’s disappointing to see that when you actually type a show or movie name into the search function, even one that is actually already displayed as a highlight  on that Main Menu screen, the Search function will not actually find that show, unless it is on YouTube or Samsung Plus.

Come on guys, how hard can it be to have a reasonable search function, that finds all available instances of that movie or show from the enabled apps and Freeview broadcast tv stations that you have access to in your search results, and displayed in order of cost, so Freeview results are displayed first and paid for apps results after that. Surely Bixby is not that dumb that it can’t find results of all instances of your searched for show or movie from your enabled apps and Freeview channels. If that is an example of “AI” at work, then the future is secure from us being overrun by our robot vacuum cleaners going rogue and becoming sentient.