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Problem with the update delay...

(Topic created on: 12-29-2023 11:44 PM)
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Galaxy A
The hype is already gone when the new features included in OneUI 6 are announced but there are still a lot of Samsung models eligible for the update that are still not receiving it. There are people who are hopeless thinking that their specific phone will not receive it, or this country with this model will not get future updates. There are no timelines, the update for specific model is only in this country but not that, 4g Vs 5g of the same model within the same country not having the same update. I'm not the only person waiting for the update. What I wish is that there's a fixed timeline for the update. Even if it's per country based and model based. 

I think OneUI 6 isn't really stable but they still revealed it and released on random models just to catch up with other company
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Galaxy A
i could defo relate to this. some A13 users have already got the update while i'm here still waiting for mine. anyway, happy new year!