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Samsung A71 Screen Discoloration

(Topic created on: 09-13-2021 01:14 PM)
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Galaxy A
My phone started to have screen discoloration since September 05. The always on display lock screens seems to have to much backlight and instead of pitch black it looks pinkish. I am using pattern and fingerprint lock setting. When unlocking, the display looks like yellowish/white like fade display at 0 brightness setting. Its like the eye comfort shield is activated but its not.Adaptive brightness is off. For the first 2 days, the device flickers then the problem occurs then after some time it reverts back to normal display then it flickers back to discoloration. It happened frequently until it became permanent. My device is updated to the latest software update this past August.
The super amoled experience is messed up especially when playing games and streaming netflix.
I tried to google it and read on some other sites and communities the same issues even some past flagship phones having the same issue.
I tried solutions like restarting the device,soft reboot, safe mode, even downloading google play books and some temporary fix on youtube but it still occurs.BLACK screen is also pinkish when I dial *#0*# but all RED, GREEN & BLUE are normal. I read some others downloading system UI tuner but i dont want to try it, same with the option of factory resetting.
Adjusting the brightness is not enough. Its like the contrast or backlight is the issue but there is no toggle setting for it. 
Parang sinisindikato tayo ni Samsung na parang Apple dina downgrade nila yung device or nilalagyan nila ng problema yung mga software updates to let us buy new ones. Hardware issue ba to?
Patulong naman po. Any recommendation po. Penge jowa

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Galaxy A

Same issue po. I dont know if hardware or software issue ba ito. If ibaba ko ung brightness , the color seems to be greenish to yellowish, then pag itaas ko ung brightness parang yellow na brown na hndi ko magets huhuhu. I hope may say dito ang SAMSUNG. Nkakabother kasi pag gingamit ko ang phone tas ganon yung kulay ng sreen. baka naman pooo😶