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Cover Screen Potential Improvements / Upgrades

(Topic created on: 09-13-2021 03:36 PM)
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Not sure if this is the appropriate forum to provide feedback, but as there appear to be Samsung Mods here to pass it on to a higher power, I'll give it a go.

NOTE: These are recommendations regarding the Samsung Galaxy ZFlip3 Cover Screen only, and I've only had the device for the past 2 days.

Basically, the following recommendations stem from the fact that I like doing as much as possible without having to open the Main Screen to prolong the life of the flexible screen. I've also tried to focus on low-hanging fruit features that already seem possible based on the existing features:

  1. Speed dial widget - the phone is capable of running phone calls while the screen is shut. However, outside of answering calls or returning missed calls, there is no option to initiate calls from the Cover Screen. While I appreciate that including the entire contact list could be lengthy, I think there could be benefit in including a speed dial list of say 5 "Favourite" contacts. This would be displayed in a list format for scrolling up and down, as is already implemented for the Notification Feed.
  2. Preset message response - the Cover Screen is capable of displaying an entire text message preview; and separately, via the Main Screen, you can select default OR customised preset messages for when you are too busy to write an entire message (e.g. "OK" or "Call you later"). However, when you click "Reply" from a notification on the Cover Screen, you are forced to open the phone to send a response. While I appreciate that the Cover Screen is too small to fit a keyboard while maintaining good user experience, users should be able to select from their existing list of preset messages.
  3. Authentication for other apps - the Cover Screen allows you to use Samsung Pay with biometric authentication, using the fingerprint scanner on the side of the phone. However, there is no option to enable this authentication for the other Widgets or the Notification Feed on the Cover Screen. The "Messages" app is also limited to only two options - (a) Hide notification content completely (no sender info); or (b) View complete messages on your phone. For the privacy conscious user, a good compromise would be to augment Option (a) by allowing the user to authenticate to view (and respond to - see Recommendation 2) messages on their Cover Screen. 
  4. Voice control - as per Recommendation 1, the microphone and speaker can be used while the phone is shut. However, there is currently no option to bring up Google Assistant while the phone is shut. I think this could be especially beneficial to enable Recommendations 1 and 2 - "Hey Google, call Mum" to initiate a phone call (this removes the shortfall of having a clunky contact list); or "OK Google, reply to Dad... *Google confirms it is scribing* I'm driving, I'll call you back later. *Google reads the message back to you, and confirms before sending* OK". Other possible uses might be for navigation (leveraging Google Maps), and Smart Things ("Hey Google, turn on my TV"). 


I'd love to see these included in a software update - what does everyone else think?

And @Samsung, please let me know if there's a more appropriate forum to share this type of feedback!

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Hi @AU-KP, thank you for taking your time to provide feedback on the Flip3 cover screen. You have definitely come to the right place to provide this type of feedback!

We'll be sure to pass your feedback on internally to the relevant department. Please note, we cannot always implement customer suggestions due to various reasons and will not be able to provide an update on whether we are going to be implementing your suggestion or not. We hope you understand.

If you have any other feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. :)