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Trade In Process

(Topic created on: 02-21-2024 02:24 PM)
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So, my ongoing Samsung saga just hit another bump in the road. Today, we had a visit from yet another pair of delivery folks to inspect my phone. They did their whole routine, snapping pics and sending them off for evaluation. As we waited for what felt like forever for the verdict, I ended up having a chat with these delivery peeps.

They were curious about what went down yesterday, so I filled them in on the drama. Apparently, I was hit with a whopping 17k bill for some tiny scratches because the warehouse has a strict policy. But then, they took another look at the phone and were like, "ok lang yan sir, as long as it does not affect the performace of the phone, it will not matter naman po and should be good to go." But wouldn't you know it, still got the thumbs down because of those pesky scratches.

These delivery guys were pretty chill though, trying to help me out 'cause they could see the scratches weren't a big deal. But no dice, the decision was final. I brought up how smooth everything seemed at the kiosk during the trade-in process, and now, after three weeks of waiting, I'm being told it's a no-go unless I cough up some cash.

Here's my two cents for Samsung: Be upfront with customers about what they're getting into with this trade-in jazz. This whole back-and-forth is a headache for everyone involved, and it's not doing Samsung or me any favors. I already shelled out for the phone, thinking everything was hunky-dory. And to top it off, I've been losing sleep over it 'cause I work nights. Not exactly the social butterfly I was aiming to be.

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