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Watch 4 Classic 46mm GPS problems

(Topic created on: 12-20-2022 06:48 PM)
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 Around September I noticed my GPS wasn't getting a signal. I tried several apps like Strava, Samsung Health, MapMyRun, GPS Fix, etc. Reset it several times. Sent it away for repair to the Samsung agent in Sydney (ICare i think). They claimed they couldnt fault it (used a picture of the weather app to 'prove' it). Got it back, still didn't work. Tried resetting a few more times and played with a few settings that were suggested online. Eventually it worked.... for 3 days, then stopped again. Tried everything again. Recorded it not getting a GPS signal on 2 different days. Sent it away again with the video proof. Got a phone call from Samsung saying the agent couldnt fault it again. Asked how they had tested it but couldn't say, but said they would ask the agent to contact me. That was last week. Today I received an email saying it was being sent back as nothing found wrong, and claimed they tested it with Google Maps (another app that will get a location via WiFi like the Weather app they used before). Doesn't seem to be a way to communicate with the agent direct and ask them to use Strava, MapMyRun etc and not be connected to WiFi/bluetooth etc to prove the internal GPS is working. Anyone have any suggestions or things to try?