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Galaxy Note

Hi all, first post.

I see a lot of complaints about Battery use or drain fast or warm to hot.


In my 15 plus years of using Galaxy phones, I have found it imperative that you keep all Apps updated and make sure Galaxy Store is also updated as when you ignore this either Google or Galaxy Store update your phone is constantly checking or polling these older Apps.

Yes it can be annoying (particularly Google) with all the updates (it drives me nuts too), but it is not good to ignore them for too long.

Also does not hurt to re-start your phone or shut down and cold boot up from time to time.


Buying OS Versions of 5G Phones (USA Versions too), I see a lot of people buying Snapdragon Versions of the Note Ultra 5G from a popular website, If you want 5G to work in Australia then do not buy them as they do not have the N78 5G Band in it's Modem, they will only ever be good for 4G, as 5G will never work with any AU carrier no matter what you do.

Frankly I do not see how they can advertise them as a 5G device.

You may save a few hundred dollars but it is worth it?