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Landscape and Moon shot

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"Moody Moon" S23 Ultra. Shots

"Moody Moon" picture. This is a composite photo, and demonstrates that many "beautiful" photos of a large moon hovering in a distant landscape are usually composite (aka fake) images. In my photo (as nice and as "atmospheric" as I think it is), the main sky and land image is as taken with S23 Ultra nightmode Dec 2, 2023 (no special effects). The vertical field of view is about 60°. The Moon image you see was taken about a week earlier in a dark sky and was cropped out, overlayed and *resized* with S23 image editor and it's transparency adjusted (using MS Excep 2021) to mesh it in better with the murky evening sky. The actual diameter of the full moon in the sky is about 0.5 ° or about 1/120th the vertical size of the full image. How big would the moon be in a picture with the moon in the shot? It would be roughly the size of that bright street lamp to the lower left of merged moon!
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