Since installing One UI 3.0 on my Note 20 Ultra I can say that I’m pleased with the update, I haven’t noticed any difference in battery life (no battery drains). There’s some welcome UI changes that I welcome and some that I’m not a fan of.


Here are my favorite things so far:


1 - Bixby Routines: They finally made some needed changes to Bixby Routines which allows me to get rid of a 3rd party app that I was using. Now having the capability of being able to create routines based on Bluetooth connection status (connected/disconnected) to a certain device is fantastic. There’s still room for improvement, like being able to add more that 1 Bluetooth device at a time, but it’s a start.


Here’s an example of a Bixby Routine that I can now create:



Bluetooth device: Disconnected from car

Time period: 22:00 - 08:00 the next day (every day)

Charging status: Charging



Do not disturb: ON


When routine ends: Reverse these actions.: Do not disturb


So now this Bixby Routine will set my phone automatically to Do Not Disturb between the hours of 22:00 to 8:00 if my phone is charging (usually that’s at bedtime), but it won’t go into Do Not Disturb if my phone is connected to my car and charging during that time frame, which is awesome.


2 -Double Tap screen to sleep (turn off screen)

3- Notification reminders (allows to select which apps you want to get a notification reminder, can chose from every 3mins, 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins)

4 - Faster way to add widgets, I like the long press option on an icon and there’s an option for widgets, which then shows you the available widgets for that app.

5 - Screen refresh rate (there’s a new option in “Developers Options” that will allow you to display your screens refresh rate on the screen.

6 - Trash can for text messages is a welcomed feature

7 - Samsung Dex app drawer can now mirror the phones app drawer


I do like the overall look of the new UI but I’m not a fan of the new volume screen (maybe it will grow on me)


Now the main thing that I don’t like that changed in One UI 3.0 is the fact that Dual Messenger can no longer access files on the SD card. I have 2 Whatsapp accounts, so if I took a photo with the camera (pics are saved to the SD card) I am now unable to share that pic directly from the 2nd Whatsapp account, now I need to go to the Gallery and find the pic and then select share and I can now select the 2nd Whatsapp account, it’s not the end of the world but it’s a little annoying.


Some module is Good Lock 2020 haven’t been updated yet (MultiStar, NavStar, NotiStar), as for NotiStar there is a new feature in One UI 3.0 in Settings>Notifications>Advanced settings>Notification history.


I also noticed that QuickStar seems to have the same bug like it did in the previous One UI update that when setting the clock to the right of the screen and then connecting to Samsung Dex, once disconnected the clock is back on the left.


I’m looking for to the Good Lock 2021 update.


Well that’ it, enjoy One UI 3.0 all.

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Hi Cprice, Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on One UI 3.0