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disappointed due to missing essential features

(Topic created on: 02-26-2019 06:17 AM)
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I recently got the Samsung S9 and I was disappointed to see that some very essential features were missing from this version. 

I mean when you compare phones yes memory, camera resolution, app diversity all that matter and Samsung is great, but if your everyday use is hindered by missing essential features, it just makes your smartphone experience not worthwhile and even push you to switch to other devices. 

2 essential features I would really like to get (back) in future updates if possible are:

1. The Mobile data and Hotspot toggle buttons on the quick menu. 
Today everyone use data; I use this button everyday more than most of the mulitple not so useful buttons on the quick menu; and, it is just so long to go through menu everytime and sometimes I get busy and end up using data when I did not want to. I was very disapointed to find out that S9 did not have this feature and even considered switching to another device.  

2. Bluetooth device battery level on Status bar. 
Today more and more people are turning to wireless connections, including wireless headphones and speakers, so it has become essential for our "smart" phones to show the battery level of those devices very easily accessible and quickly. I had a Huawei and iphone before getting this samsung and took this essential feature for granted until I got the Samsung and realised we are not there yet?? I would really appreciate if my status bar could also indicate my blutooth device batter level so I can manage my use better. 

Is there anyway I could get this message through to google android developpers and hope that they include these essential features in future Samsung versions?

For now I'm using third party apps to help but it is definetly affecting negatively my smartphone experience. I hope these could be fixed asap. 

I hope my constructive review is taken into considerstion for the next update.

Thank you.
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Regarding the Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles - They are removed by the Canadian Carriers & not Samsung - This question has been asked & answered countless times - A search for Mobile Data would have given you the solution 😉

Have a look at my post on this link 🐧

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Hey @niya55,

Sorry to hear your S9 experience has been less than stellar so far... I'd like to address the two points you made in your post:

1. Seconding what @ShaggyskunkS9P mentioned about the mobile data toggle, unfortunately this feature is carrier-controlled and out of Samsung's hands 🙁 I believe any phone you purchase will not have this feature right out of the box—it isn't a Samsung-exclusive issue. I realize this is very inconvenient for the end users, so perhaps you can make your concerns known to your carrier instead?
2. The Bluetooth device battery level should actually be visible in the pull-down notification bar! If your Bluetooth device supports this feature, the battery level should be visible next to the Bluetooth icon.

I hope this helps—rest assured, your review has been taken into consideration. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😊