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Keyboard close button is located on the right after updating to one UI 6.1

(Topic created on: 05-23-2024 08:08 PM)
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For the length of me owning my Galaxy S21 5G, my keyboard close button has been on the left side. This was because in navigation bar settings, I had it set so the back button is on the left side. I had then switched to swipe gestures, and my keyboard close button stayed on the left. This changed once, when I accidentally switched back to the other navbar layout, and then went back to swipe gestures. I eventually figured out that I needed to change my navbar setting back, then switch to swipe gestures again. After the update to one UI 6.1, my keyboard close button is on the right. The solution mentioned earlier no longer works, and I am now unable to switch this button back to the left. 

How can I fix this?
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I just updated an S21 to One UI 6.1 and the back/close button for the keyboard follows the navigation bar setting. This is for Google keyboard.