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S23 Ultra Slow-motion and super-slow question

(Topic created on: 06-09-2024 03:28 PM)
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In the official Samsung info on the S23 Ultra, it states:
  • *On Galaxy S23 Series, users can record approximately 0.5 second of video captured at 240fps and digitally enhance the video to 960fps with approximately 16 seconds of playback. Playback time can be edited in Super Slow-mo player.
I'm confused. In SlowMotion mode, you can record any length of video. Isn't this recorded entirely at 240 fps??
I understand that this can be enhanced (in video editor) to emulate 960fps (by AI interpolation?)

In SuperSlow mode, currently does it not do a real 960fps capture for the limited 5 secs?
How does this reconcile with the official document info above? 

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In super slow motion, only half a second of video is recorded but it takes sixteen seconds to play back that recording.